Ginger (Glass 33cl x 12)

Ginger (Glass 33cl x 12)


The fruity & tangy flavor sensation.


BRIO Maté Ginger is a perfect combination of energizing yerba maté and aromatic ginger.


✅ 100% Natural Energy

✅ Made in Switzerland

✅ Low sugar

✅ Organic

Maté is a traditional South American plant. It's as strong as coffee and as healthy as tea. As for all our maté drinks, we only use the best yerba maté leaves from Brazil and the finest lemons from Sicily, Italy. Brio Maté gives you a smooth 100% natural energy that keeps you sharp, happy and dynamic.


Carton of 12 x Brio Ginger

Price per bottle: 2.90 CHF

Volume: 330 ml