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Where does Yerba Maté come from?
Yerba Maté is known for increasing our focus, energy, and mental alertness. It originates from South America where it was discovered by the native Guarani people and drunk for its health benefits and vitality. Due to its refreshing and energizing nature, it is a very popular beverage today, especially in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

Why is Yerba Maté energizing?

The energising effect of Maté comes from its high caffeine content that unlike in coffee beans comes from the leaves of the Yerba Maté plant. But it doesn’t stop here. Maté also contains compounds like theophylline and theobromine that are also found in green tea and chocolate. They are known to increase the effect of caffeine and increase alertness and vitality.

How is the energy from Yerba Maté different from the energy that coffee provides?

Unlike coffee, energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages, Maté energises without causing jitters and a caffeine crash that some people experience. That is because the caffeine in Maté is processed differently by the body. It is released more slowly and steadily. Compared to coffee, it provides a much longer and smoother effect of increased energy that lasts for hours. The energising properties of Maté also increase physical stamina, making it a great choice for athletes.

How long does the energising effect of Yerba Maté last?

The immediate benefits of drinking Maté include increased energy, focus, and concentration. How long these effects last will vary among consumers. In general, Maté provides a more gentle and longer energy boost than coffee or energy drinks that lasts for hours.

What is the meaning of “Brio”?

Brio is a Spanish and English word for "esprit", "energy", and "confidence". Since this is a perfect description of feelings that we want people to feel when drinking our Maté, the name of our brand could only be "Brio".

How can we order Brio Maté?

Currently, you can order Brio Maté via our own online shop. 

How to join the Brio adventure?

We are very happy to work with Brio Ambassadors! Please reach out if you are interested in promoting Brio Maté with us. We also have other open positions to strengthen our team. You can find our email addresses on the Contact us page.

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